No news is good news: NOW is the time to prepare

In the event of a disaster, this is the place to visit for important safety information and situation updates for our region.

In the meantime, it’s important for each of us to prepare for a short-lived emergency (for example, a brief power outage), or a major catastrophe (like an earthquake). Planning for emergencies includes both personal preparedness (at home, in your car, or at your child’s school) and business preparedness (at work and during business travel).

Each of us will fair much better when disaster strikes if we take these simple steps to get ready now:

MITMakeAPlan How you will communicate and where you will meet if you get separated
MITBuildAKit For your home, work/school, and vehicle
MITHelpEachOther Know your neighbors, learn CPR/Basic First Aid, and register for public alerts

Hazards and Disasters

Learn about the hazards that could impact our region, such as earthquakes, flooding, and power outages. Talk to your family about how you will prepare for and respond to these types of emergencies. Tips and resources are provided at