Warm temperatures expected through Wednesday

The National Weather Service reports warmer than usual temperatures are expected through Wednesday, reaching the high 80’s. Because it’s early in the season, rivers are running cold and swift. People who venture into the water should always wear a life-vest and be aware of the potential for cold water shock.

Warmer temperatures also present a safety hazard for young children, the elderly, and pets. Never leave them alone in a vehicle, even with the windows cracked, since interior temperatures can quickly rise to deadly levels.

Heart problems, stroke, and kidney failure are the most common health concerns on hot days:

  • Check on at-risk friends, family, and neighbors.
  • Those who work or play sports outside should take extra precautions to stay cool, drink water, and take breaks from the heat.
  • Some medications make people more sensitive to heat. Check with your doctor about whether you are at greater risk.