Flooding continues to impact region

Updated 5:17 p.m. Feb. 7, 2020

With a forecast of rain through Saturday, communities throughout the region continue deal with the impacts of flooding.

Flooding update

  • The Cedar River is still at Phase 4, which is the highest it has been since 2009. Flows continue to increase. Seattle Public Utilities is planning to take “pulsing” flows of water from above the dam, adding more water to the river.
  • The Snoqualmie River waters in the Carnation area are beginning to recede. The flood that is occurring this week is expected to decrease slowly along the lower Snoqualmie River.
  • Crews prepared for the worst, anticipating possible closure of Route 203. That has not occurred to date and hopefully the worst is behind us.
  • Lake Sammamish is rising with all the outflow from area creeks and rivers. King County is partnering with the City of Bellevue to provide information to local residents about how to obtain sandbags.
  • Issaquah Creek is at Phase 2 and water levels continue to drop.
  • A Washington National Guard high clearance vehicle is in place to use for emergency life/safety evacuation of folks who may become isolated.  
  • The King County Flood Warning Center will remain open as needed over the weekend.

Evacuation update

A portion of the Cedar River Trail is temporarily closed to recreational users to allow vehicles so that residents of the Dorre Don neighborhood can evacuate.

King County Emergency Operations Center is:

  • Coordinating efforts for potential evacuations and sheltering in the Maple Valley area
  • Coordinated with Issaquah regarding the evacuation of 100+ people and getting a shelter set up with the American Red Cross
  • High water vehicle arrived in Carnation early this morning to assist with ongoing evacuation efforts
  • King County Sheriff’s Office is coordinating swift water rescue responses
  • Reverse 9-1-1 notification sent to residents in certain areas of Fall City to notify about landslide blocking only public road for egress
  • Private road could offer emergency egress for this area; working to contact owner to get permission to use in emergency
  • Reverse 9-1-1 notification sent to residents in certain areas of Carnation to notify about road closure and landslide blocking egress
  • King County Department of Natural Resources & Parks and King County Roads crews working to get road open and clear landslide from King County Parks trail used for emergency egress route

Transportation update

About 25 roads throughout the region remain closed due to flooding. Get updates on road closures.

Issaquah-Hobart Road (May Valley Road to SE 96th St.) is anticipated to remain closed at least through the weekend.

Sound Transit’s Sounder North Line is closed. King County Metro Transit operated seven coaches for Sounder North Line bus shuttle replacement service due to landslides along the track. They are operating them for the Friday evening commute, too.

Some Metro bus service is rerouted due to closed roadways. Get the latest information about bus routes by subscribing to transit alerts.


All this rain raises the risk of landslides. Check landslide hazards:

During dangerous weather: Reduce your risk of landslides

  • Seek out advisories and warnings during and after intense rainfall events. Check the NOAA Weather Radio, your local TV stations and social media.
  • Don’t assume that highways are safe—watch for collapsed pavement, mud, fallen rock, or other debris on the roadway.
  • Listen for loud or unusual sounds. These can be indicators of an imminent landslide. If you think there is danger, evacuate immediately.
  • Keep away from landslide-prone areas.